LoJack for MAC (1 Year/User)

LoJack for MAC (CODE ONLY)
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Install the LoJack for Laptops. Forget about Security Issues.

1 Year Subscription

The LoJack for Laptops Standard Edition provides a single computer with a 1-year subscription of patented LoJack technology. Track, lock and recover your stolen laptop remotely. You can also delete personal information when your stolen laptop connects to the Internet. LoJack brings the support of a Theft Recovery Team that works with local law enforcement to get your laptop back in your hands.

A small portion of LoJack technology is embedded into most computers at the factory. Make sure to check with your computer manufacturer if your laptop has it installed.

When you install LoJack for Laptops, you're also installing the Computrace Agent that will activate the installed LoJack technology. It is very difficult to detect and is virtually tamper-proof.

The Computrace Agent will contact the Absolute Monitoring Center via the Internet at regular intervals to give the location of your laptop.

When you send out a Lock or Delete command from your account, the next time your laptop connects to the Internet, the Computrace Agent will receive and carry out your command.

If your laptop is stolen, the Theft Recovery Team uses the LoJack technology to track down your laptop as well as work with local law enforcement in an effort to retrieve your laptop for you.

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