Illuminated Cell Phone Case for iPhone 6/6s & iPhone 6 Plus

Transparent TPU soft silicone gel material makes the lights soft, no dazzling happens in selfie, shockproof, easier to open and close. Leather cover put inside the case makes it looks luxury and also protect your phone better in phone dropping. Internal rechargeable 3.7V 1800mAh battery design, can be used as a power bank, the light can be adjusted, with SOS function. Double LED lights on the case back makes it brighter as a flashlight at concert, climbing night, beach music night, etc. 

What’s it used for ?



✔ FaceTime


✔Video recording

✔Apply make up with ease

✔Find missing items at night

✔Charge iPhone6 And much more…

4 Lights models at below First short click the button, selfie lights on; Second short click the button, dark lights on; Third short click the button, the flashing lights quickly Fourth short click the button: selfie & dark lights all on Fifth short click the button: this illuminated case includes battery charging capabilities for iPhone is a new generation of selfie artifact phone case with built-in LED lights design, provides you different levels of light source while you selfie in a dark environment. The flashlight of the illuminated case can be used in various situations, such as a pop start’s concert, climbing night, beach music night, searching the lost things or even in emergency case, which adds for your convenience. Internal rechargeable 3.7V 1800mAh battery design, can be used as a power bank with a micro USB port and iPhone port to charge your iPhones and this selfie case.

  • Case Size 5.5 and 4.7 for Iphone 6/6s/6 Plus.
  • Dimmer switch to control light output and let you control the light.
  • Rechargeable battery and charging cord. Long lasting battery that works Independently of your Phone.
  • Tough, impact resistant plastic. Your Phone is snug and safe with this illuminated case. This case provides great protection - it withstands drop tests
  • Light at the tip of your fingers. Perfect lighting is just a click away with an easy on/off switch.


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